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Using Mineuino: goodbye ads

Using Mineuino: goodbye ads

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Hi, VatsaDev here, this blog post is about Mineuino a project I made a few days ago.

What is mineuino?

Mineuino is a web miner that mines duino-coins, a low cost crypto currency, that solves many of todays mining problems like,

  • fast miners and ASICs
  • mining entry costs
  • environment friendliness

why should you use mineuino?

So, what makes mineuino better than minero, coinhave, coinimp and normal ads? A lot.

Your money belongs to you

With Mineuino your money is taken straight from your users to your wallet, we do nothing with it in the middle, we're just the javascript getting it to you. There is no third party, no middleman, just you and your money.

Environment friendly

duino-coin uses environment friendly SHA-1 hashes, the entire chain has used less electricity than a household so far.

Every device generates revenue

due to the rise of mobile devices, monetizers get more than half their users from mobile devices. Duino-coin is prepared, with the next gen kolka system, designed to make all devices good miners and revenue creators by changing difficulty levels.

Anti-Virus safe

So far, AVG, avast and other anti viruses do not consider this a trojan, and it is not, check out the source code on github at vatsadev/mineuino.

No user tracking

With the rise of web3 and privacy, users should remain anonymous, and mineuino is prepared, making sure there are no trackers, and that no user details are revealed in the miner

Uses far less battery than ads

As brave browser has shown, ads take up 35% more battery than needed, and mineuino understands battery concerns, but duino-coin mining wont even turn on your laptop fan, as the cpu/gpu usage is very low.

All protocols

mineuino supports http, https, ipfs and others


all you need to do is add this code and your username

<script src="" defer></script>
<div id="mineuino-div" data-mineuino-username=""></div>

just put your DUCO username in data-mineuino-username

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